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This $999 Special is just the right option for the passionate and forward moving business owner, artist, writer, or anyone who needs a simple yet professional website and a few well-designed marketing pieces.

What do you get for $999? A website, a printed piece, and an electronic piece. See below for the details. Then call to discuss with us if this is a good option for you.

New HTML5 Website

  • Single page HTML5 website with up to 5 menu items (links to specific sections)
  • Choice of 10 customizable hero area styles (the area visitors see before scrolling down). Hero area styles can include lead capture form, slider, image, or video
  • Choice of up to 10 sections below the hero area. See below for option list
  • Logo area
  • Customized fonts and colors
  • Integrated social media buttons
  • A Call to Action bar
  • Connect your Google Analytics
  • Set up of on-page SEO, meta tags, and social media tags
  • Website launched about 3 weeks after content delivery. That’s less than 30 days!
  • 30 days of dedicated website support

Print Marketing Materials

  • Print-ready files for your choice of a business card, postcard, flier, or poster design that coordinates with your website design or your business branding

Social Media Graphic

  • Choice of grand opening, website launch announcement or save the date graphic for any social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn

Options for website

Available Hero assets can have one or two of the following:

  • A text area with a title, a short description, and an optional button
  • A form to capture lead emails, to register for an event, or to request information
  • A cut out photo of a product or person
  • A blank area on left or right to show background image

The background for Hero can be one of the following:

  • A color
  • A gradient
  • A full-color image
  • A shaded image
  • A multi-image slider (with a text area)
  • A YouTube video background

Available content sections

  • Icon section
    Section title, 6 icons with titles and short descriptions in two rows
  • Icon and photo section
    Section title, 6 icons with titles and medium descriptions, around a single large photo
  • 4 photo section
    Section title, 4 small photos with titles and short descriptions
  • 3 photo section
    Section title, 3 photos with titles and short descriptions
  • 2 photo section
    2 circle-frame photos with titles and medium descriptions
  • 1 photo and long description section
    main photo with title, long description, links and icons
  • Stacking photo section
    Section title and 1 or more images with title and long description, stacked
  • Half-screen photo with icons section
    Half screen photo with 4 icons with title and short descriptions
  • Two rows of alternating half-screen photo sections
    Two half screen photos with titles and long descriptions, alternating rows

Available specialized sections

  • Portfolio section
    Section title and a 3 or 6 image portfolio with lightbox
  • Counter section
    4 counter icons with titles and scaling numbers over paralax background image
  • Team section
    Team title, 4 medium photos with names and titles
  • Frequently asked questions section
    FAQ title, two columns of questions with expanding answers
  • Pricing section
    Pricing title, three column pricing table
  • Video section
    Section title, long description and video
  • Email subscription section
    Subscribe title, description and email form with paralax background image
  • Testamonial section
    Testamonial title, text, circle image, and name
  • Footer map section
    Footer with map and contact info
  • Footer section
    Footer with about text, links and contact info

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