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In today’s online world, the Internet and social media are a fluent language for many people. Businesses need to create a well-established online presence. More importantly, they need to be able to lead that presence rather than have it lead them. Your business is no different.

Your online presence is made up of more than just a few social media accounts. There are also public reviews on Yelp and Google My Business, there may be articles written about your business, articles that mention you, and there are the people who have visited your business and post images or videos on their personal social media profiles.

Most of this presence is beyond your ability to control, but you should be actively aware of what is said about you online and respond to what is said when appropriate. This will allow you to better control the narrative and both to capitalize on positive reviews and diminish the impact of negative comments when they appear.

If you think your business would benefit from a social media manager to help strengthen and enhance your online presence, get in contact with us to discuss your social media goals. We will then create a proposal to present our solution to managing your online presence.

Join with RAW Design Lab to give your business the boost it deserves.

Social Media Services


  • Social media analysis
  • Social media account setup
  • Business listing report
  • Claim business on business listing sites
  • On-page business validation code setup


  • Setup of meta tags
  • Set up Open Graph, Facebook, and Twitter tags
  • Validation of your OG, FB, Twitter code
  • Set up schema code
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Add Pixel to website and account setup


  • Social media templates for post image or for Instagram stories
  • Profile background or formatting
  • Content design of PDF white papers for download
  • Photo optimization
  • Photoshop clean up


  • Design email templates
  • Social media post design

Note: RAW Design Lab does not create the content for your posts. Your content should already be made. If you are seeking a company to create your content for you, I can suggest a few respectable companies that do this service.


  • Monthly reports of visitors, comments and replies
  • Monitor for comments and replies
  • Respond in timely manner to comments
  • Alert and direct sensitive comments
  • Setup a calendar based on your content
  • Send out posts based on the content calendar


  • Set up email capture forms on your website to grow your email list
  • Set up the CRM account
  • Set up your monthly reports and analytics
  • Design or format the content for your campaign's offer

Note: RAW Design Lab will assist you in setting up your CRM (client relationship management) software and accounts (for example: Mailchimp), but we do not create the content for your nurture campaigns nor decide on your campaign goals.


  • Keyword research
  • Long-tail keyword research

Each client will approach their own social media differently. Because you are unique, we will create a custom porposal to fit your particular social media needs. Call us and let RAW Design Lab partner with you to help create the social media presence you desire.