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Now that you have your new or updated website, as with any building or car maintenance plan, website AfterCare gives you peace of mind about your website’s health. RAW Design Lab offers several types of website AfterCare to fit your needs and budget.

Our AfterCare modules allow you to choose the level of RAW Design Lab participation you need to take care of your website. We can actively perform regular checkups on your website to help prevent problems from creeping up and, more importantly, to solve them when they do, or we can set up a minimal amount of AfterCare and let you do most of the heavy work yourself.

Care Packages


  • Quarterly Backups
  • Broken Links
  • Downtime Alerts



  • WP Core Updates
  • Monthly Backups
  • Downtime Alerts



  • Website Updates 2hr/month
  • Downtime Alerts
  • Broken Links
  • $100/Month


  • WP Core Updates
  • Weekly Backups
  • Downtime Alerts
  • Blog Optimization



  • WP Core Updates
  • WP Defense
  • Daily Backups
  • Website Scans
  • Downtime Alerts
  • Analytics Reports


AfterCare Modules

Download the RAW Design Lab AfterCare Booklet to read more about each of the modules.

New Website 30-day Support

If anything goes wrong with the website we will get it back up and running.

Continued Support

Email and phone support is included with all websites created or worked on by RAW Design Lab.

WordPress Core Updates

For reasons of security, compatibility, and/or improvements, self-hosted WordPress websites require frequent updating. We can update your website components on a monthly basis.

$50 / Monthly

WordPress Defense

Stop hackers before they get into your website. Endpoint firewall and malware scanner to protect your WordPress website.

$100 / Monthly

Google Analytics Reporting

Monthly Google analytics report. If you have a Google analytics account attached to your website, we can create a customized report of the details that most matter to you.

$100 / Monthly

Blog Optimization Package

If you have a blog, then you know there are often a few technical details you miss and don't find out until long after you push the Publish Now button. Let us review your posts to give you post-peace of mind.

$30 / Monthly

Downtime Reports and Alerts

Continuous monitoring of your website and of excessive downtime can reduce the amount of time you are offline should anything go wrong.

$20 / Monthly

Monthly Website Scan

Protecting your site requires monthly checkups to insure the best health for your website.

$50 / Monthly

Backup and Store

Having backup copies of your website allows you to roll back to a previous version if someone hacks into your website or if you accidentally delete content, posts, pages or comments. Backup copies of website stored on the RAW server.

Four Backups $300 / Yearly
Monthly Backups $50 / Monthly
Weekly Backups $75 / Monthly
Daily Backups $100 / Monthly

Hourly Work

If you know that you will be making frequent changes to your website through RAW Design Lab, you can save money by purchasing our time in advance. These hours never expire and can be used for performing any website modifications.

Total of 3 hours $250
Total of 6 hours $500
Total of 12 hours $1000

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First, download the RAW Design Lab AfterCare Booklet to read more about each of the modules.


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