Serial Killer's Field Guide
to Hair Species

Book Design


S.K.A. (Serial Killers Anonymous)


Art Director, Graphic Designer, Researcher, Copy Writer, Photo Editor


Create a book about Hair Species without getting killed

The fine folks at S.K.A. requested a field guide to the various species of hair that SKs might find in their travels as they conduct most of their secret surveillances. Dexter M was gently insistent that it contains a thorough overview not only of the breadth of various species but also of the range found throughout the United States. I found it hard to resist.

European species are to be presented in a separate field guide.

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My hit list of hair species includes an appendix of articles to improve the SK experience:

  • How to hide your trophies in plain sight
  • What's in your SK toolbag?
  • Top 5 manipulations every SK should know
  • How to become an expert handbag designer
  • 7 technical skills every SK should know
  • What should be in your escape bag
  • Questionnaire: Am I a good SK or a bad SK?
  • Identify your APD
  • Antisocial disorders are serious. To get an online self-assessment please visit Counseling in Vienna by Richard L. Fellner!