Selected Website Projects

Website for Niki Ketchman

Niki Ketchman

Wix Website

  • Custom Designed Wix Website
  • Logo Design
  • Optimized large portfolio of images

Niki was looking to update her 10 year old html website for her large collection of sculptures. As an artist, the asthetics are as important as how the website functions. She desired a clean, minimalist site that would keep the visitors interest throughout her extensive portfolio of sculptures. We created a website based on a matrix of 9 categories. The matrix leads the visitor to one of the 9 series pages and then down to individual sculptures. At all times the visitor can navigate through the website levels within three clicks, even though the website has 85 sculptures.

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Website for Rosemary Frances

Rosemary Frances

WordPress Website

  • Customized WordPress theme
  • Set up her YouTube channel
  • Linking her social accounts (YouTube and Facebook)
  • Set up a booking system through her GigMaster's account
  • Edited and enhanced sound files
  • Created videos for sound files
  • Shot performance video
  • Created her logo
  • Business card design

Singer and pianist, Rosemary Frances had been playing in a few venues and doing workshops to hone her singing skills. In order to advertise her ambitions and increase her gigs she came to RAW Design Lab to develop several key aspects of her web presence and personal branding. We built her WordPress site with a music and video focused theme, created her YouTube channel and integrated both for seamless functionality. We designed her logo and business cards to coordinate with her online branding. She continues to work with us on updates to her website.

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Website for Gilloco

Gilloco Construction

WordPress Website

  • Customized WordPress theme
  • Customized PHP and HTML5/CSS3
  • Optimized large portfolio of images

Too busy running their construction company, Scott and Jenny desperately needed to refresh their old clunky one-page website to match their sleek and sophisticated Chelsea and Brooklyn Heights remodeling jobs. They also needed their whole portfolio of images to be web optimized. Since they really wanted to set themselves apart from their competition we fully customized a premium WordPress theme to show off their impressive work. They chose WordPress because of the ease of uploading new content as well as integrating robust security plugins.

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Website for Happy Mom Healthy Mom

Happy Mom Healthy Mom

Custom WordPress Website

  • Unique design WordPress website
  • Custom PHP and HTML5/CSS3
  • Asset creation and secondary graphic
  • Integrated third-party account (
  • Logo cleanup
  • Blog strategy meetings
  • Monthly website AfterCare

Certified health coach, Jen Amabile, came to us to develop a new blog website which she needed linked to her Wildtree representitive account. She wanted a website that didn’t look like everyone else’s and that she could use to communicate easily with her Wildtree and health coaching clients.

Based on our in-depth one-on-one consultations with Jen, we built four custom WordPress designs that would resonate with her clean and straight-forward approach to healthy living. She chose the design that replicates a type written page with her logo as a watermark. It is a clean and minimalistic design with touches of flourish. We also cleaned up her logo to coordinate with her new look.

We continue to manage the core software and plugins of her WordPress on a monthly basis, we also send her monthly Google analytics reports and full website evaluations to track engagement and performance.

Jen has been blogging since 2018 helping her visitors live happier, healthier lives.

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Website for The WHO

Westchester Homebrewers Organization

Wix Website

  • Setup website
  • Logo clean-up
  • Photo sourcing
  • YouTube channel setup and linking
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Website for Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden

Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden

Wix Website Webmaster

  • Official Webmaster for Hammond Museum
  • Custom tutorials on How to Use Wix
  • Sponsor of the Artist Member Directory Page
  • Set up of seasonal calendar of events

One of the hardest parts about running a museum is getting the correct information out to the public in a timely manner. The Hammond came to us to take over as their webmaster to get fast and efficient updates to their website as well as to help regulate their social media postings.

RAW Design Lab also developed a personalized training module to tutor several board members one-on-one in how to perform simple tasks on their website.

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