RAW Design Lab

RAW adjective
raw | ˈrȯ
1) Being in or nearly in the natural state: not processed; i.e.: raw fibers or in the raw
2) Unfettered; i.e.: raw power
2) The sound a crowd makes when cheering

Design noun
de·​sign | di-ˈzīn
The creative art of executing aesthetic or functional designs

Laboratory noun, often attributive
lab·​o·​ra·​to·​ry | ˈla-b(ə-)rə-ˌtȯr-ē
sometimes ˈla-bər-ˌtȯr-ē
or ˈla-bə-ˌtȯr-ē,
or lə-ˈbȯr-ə-ˌtȯr-ē
A place providing opportunity for experimentation, observation, or practice in a field of study

RAW Design Lab is an independent design company specializing in web development, graphic design, logos and branding. We offer services based on research, strategy, and creativity.

This journey we will imbark on is an adventure from day one. We will approach your creative needs with our full arsenal of design tools. Let RAW Design Lab help you build a better business.

RAW Design Lab is situated in New Fairfield, CT and everywhere on the web. We are headed by Douglass Ridgeway, who has more than 15 years of web and graphic design experience. Douglass has a masters degree in communication design from Pratt Institute, NYC.

We know that you are coming to RAW Design Lab for our experience and guidance, so we will work with you to explore your ideas and take them from concept to completion.

Web design

At RAW Design Lab we cater to clean and professional, fully responsive WordPress websites as well as Wix and Squarespace sites. Your new website can include current and essential plugins or add-ons for SEO, security, and analytics. We will also be there after the website is up and running should you need modifications, software updates or want to subscribe to our AfterCare program.

Web design services

Website AfterCare services

Graphic design

We believe the logo is the cornerstone to your whole identity. We also believe everything that surrounds that logo is equally important. RAW Design Lab will partner with you, listen to you, help you achieve the perfect solution for your design needs.

Marketing design services

Logo design and branding services

My Story

Douglass Ridgeway Walking

After basically living my whole life in New York City, I had a long hard transition buying a house and moving out to New Fairfield, CT. I held onto my Bronx design job for several years, commuting 55 miles twice a day, but kept thinking that there was a better way to lead my life. Then there was a NYC budget cut and I was laid off along with thousands of other city workers. That gave me the opportunity to rearrange my life to better suit where I lived and how I lived. RAW Design Lab was born out of a desire to work directly with my clients, to meet new interesting people who have a desire to create something good, and to learn about my client’s industries and businesses.


I want to say thank you for creating an awesome website! I can't wait for it to launch!!! Your creativity has been remarkable and I have enjoyed working closely together. You have a sense of detail which is so important to me as well as patience. I look forward to a continued working relationship to keep the website maintained as we go along! Thank you!


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